April , 2021
Sant Nirankari Mission, A Mission for All
13:08 pm

C.L. Gulati


Ever since the advent of mankind, progress made by the civilisation is directly or indirectly known to centre round two things: Science of life and Philosophy of life. The anatomy of body has been studied to the extent that now man can withstand diseases and live a healthier life. Millions of men live with artificial limbs in their bodies. Transforming adult cells back into stem cells is considered a breakthrough discovery in this field. Scientific progress has helped man to fly in the air like a bird and swim in the sea like a fish. The most important and next aspect is the Philosophy of life which aims at making man live on earth like a man worth the name.

Admittedly, the apostles laboured hard, the martyrs died in torments, the scholars and the scientists proclaimed the beauties of higher life, the sociologists untiringly inculcated the sense of duties of good citizen, the philosophers pioneered sublime thoughts, and all agreed that God is one and that man's first duty is to realise Him. If man loses faith in God, he loses faith in himself. It spells crisis of character resulting in shocking crash of human values followed by chaos and wide spread violence.

One of the greatest modern psychologists has described in his book "Modern Man in search of Soul" that among all his patients, there had not been even one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life. He attempted to cure his nervous patients with suggestions of quietness and confidence but without success until he linked those suggestions on to their faith in the power of God. Even the most effluent, who materially lack nothing in life, they also find themselves face to face with situations, remembering the biblical caution, "What shall it availeth a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul." Great philosopher saint Augustine of Hippo writes, 'Restless are our souls, until they rest in Thee my God.'

As per natural phenomenon, man has to link his soul with God and body with the physical world for sustenance. Scientifically speaking, every human being comprises of five elements that is the earth, water, fire, air, akaash (ether) plus the sixth element soul. The first five material constituents form the body, while the sixth represents the individual unit of consciousness. For maintaining good physical health, the human body fulfils its material needs from the counterpart mainstreams of earth, water, fire, air etc. working outside the body.

Whenever the link of any of the five elements is broken with its respective mainstream outside, its deficiency causes some sort of disease or disturbance in the body. However, the deficiency of one element cannot be made good by any other element. For example, the necessity of water cannot be met with by earth, fire, air or ether; and the lack of air cannot be replenished with water, earth, fire and so on.

Likewise, God, the omnipresent mainstream of individual unit of consciousness (soul) exists around the human body. For spiritual health, individual unit of consciousness (Atma) is supposed to remain in constant touch with God. When this link is not maintained, there is disturbance or uneasiness in the mind. This mainstream of consciousness is easily and instantaneously sharable.

The Sant Nirankari Mission demonstrates the objectivity of this feature which, in fact, is the Ultimate Reality of life and everything else. The living experience of this objective reality is quite indispensable for the fulfilment of human life. To repeat, as the lack of water cannot be made good with an intake of any other element, the lack of contact of individual consciousness soul (Atma) with Cosmic Consciousness Formless God-Nirankar (Parmatma) also cannot be made good with any amount of material gains whatsoever.

The one who experiences it is known as 'Nirankari'. The sole aim of the Mission is to impart the knowledge of Nirankar (Formless God) to the seeker's soul, hence its name, 'The Sant Nirankari Mission'. The concept of one God for all foresees the idea of one religion for all that suits the whole human race. The Mission has succeeded in achieving this objective through a living revelation of Fatherhood of God, the central seed of all religions, ruling out any question of conversions. 

The Knowledge of God: The world is full of vast knowledge with various dimensions and further specialisations. One is not possibly expected to know or see each and every thing that exists in the world. Many things not seen and known in the world may not put us to any disadvantageous position in life. But God, the source of every knowledge and primary objective of human life - is essentially worth seeing and knowing by one and all with the grace of True Master (Satguru).

The True Master and God-knowledge prove each other. This direct knowledge of God is called 'Brahmgyan', which is not to be mixed up with a Mantra or something taught from a book or delivered in the shape of a sermon. This is a lasting perception of the Formless God' (Nirankar).

Look at the human beings, all made of the same five elements they have become different from one another like the Hindus, the Sikhs, the Christians, the Muslims and so on. God is one and Omnipresent. He is cosmic and common to all. God of one prophet is also the God of other prophets. Being one, God cannot be divided or subdivided. Only such a God is to be known and worshiped. All the prophets of the mainstream of spirituality have total agreement on this.

In the absence of actual knowledge, God is different for different persons and for the same person on different occasions. Religious terrorism is the greatest enemy of humanity. Religion has lost its gravity. Instead of uniting, it has in itself become a major dividing force. It is not divided atom but divided mankind which is getting more difficult to deal with.

"If peace based progress is the need of the day, spiritual awakening through actual knowledge of God is the only means to achieve it". The Nirankari Mission unfolds the concept of one earth, one family and demystifies spirituality to promote and celebrate unity in diversity. The Mission thus seeks to ensure individual development as well as welfare and progress of society as a whole. 

For its wide range distinguished socio-spiritual activities, the Sant Nirankari Mission has been granted General Consultative Status by U.N. The delegates of the Mission participate in the U.N. conferences from time to time. Holding aloft the banner, "Equality through Spirituality", the mission holds the firm opinion that every kind of inequality and discrimination can better be sorted out through spirituality. The Mission is down to earth a practical human experience. The children are not only molded but also unfolded spiritually.

Observing the golden tenet, "All to give all for all", the enlightened person believes that all his assets, material and mental belong to God, and we, as trustees only, are ordained to use them for common good of the whole human race. The Nirankari Mission removes brick-by brick all kinds of walls that separate man from man. This spells a living above narrow prejudices and dogmas of caste, colour creed etc. Thereby, one becomes respectful towards others' mode of dress, diet and culture leading a purposeful self-reliant family life and maintains order in the society. Nirankari Mission does not seek to remove individuality or create uniformity. Rather it promotes and celebrates unity in diversity. One discovers for himself that the world is one and much bigger than that denoted by our postal address. 

To be a Nirankari is to be divine and humble. All the differences, controversies and quarrels rooted in implicit or explicit pride and ego are uprooted through the tenets of the Mission where the knowledge of fatherhood of God and universal Brotherhood are spontaneous and simultaneous.

Search of God has brought millions of seekers to the Mission. Many national and international leaders who happened to attend the global Nirankari Samagams from time to time hold a common opinion that the programme of spiritual awareness launched by the Sant Nirankari Mission is of great significance. The Mission is playing a pivotal role in promoting the basic human values which are the bedrock of humanism. All the scriptures prove the authenticity of this programme. Above all it is relevant to man, relevant to society, open to experiment, convincing about the spiritual heritage of the entire humanity and acknowledge as a present milestone in the mainstream of spirituality.

In a way, it is eco-spirituality that is being put forth in the world by the Sant Nirankari Mission. Giving respect to Creator and His creation is what the Mission is evolving into a practicable philosophy. By reconstructing the real relationship of man with man, the sheet-anchor of a new civilisation is being built up. "For saving and preserving security and stability of the society, it is incumbent on all of us to strengthen our link with Divine", proclaims Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj.


The author is the Vice-Chairman, CP & AB, Sant Nirankari Mandal.


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