January , 2021
In search of happiness
01:32 am

Sister Shivani


Spirituality, happiness, unity, family. So, we have four words today: Spirituality, happiness, unity and family and as Sunil Ji beautifully shared that during this lockdown, it has really given us an opportunity to understand the meaning of happiness and truly experience it in simple ways because we were not going out, we were not travelling, we were not having friends and relatives coming home, we were not going out to buy anything. 


For a long period, we were not achieving anything because we were not working in the beginning for one month. So, all those things which we thought gives happiness, which is achievement, travel, friends, social gathering, everything had spotted and everything stopped suddenly. You know one night and that’s it. It was announced and from tomorrow morning, everything of this had stopped suddenly. We realised that we were experiencing a very different kind of a vibration, a very different kind of energy. So, this gives us an opportunity to realise and understand happiness. It is very important to understand this word because all of us are living in the pursuit of this word. We want this word in our lives and our family’s lives and for our children. If anyone has to ask to any of you, why do you work so hard, “Aap itna mehenat kyu karte ho?” That I want to give happiness to my family. This is pure intention, selfless intention to give happiness to everybody.


We even want a happy world. We want everybody to be happy. But the more we are trying, the more we are working towards it, something is missing, because of which we are creating a lot of the opposite. Otherwise, if I rewind into 30 years back, people were not moving around looking for happiness, they were comfortable the way they were. But at that time there was no words as stress. When I was in school, there was no word as stress. Stress was only in Physics; it was not in feelings and emotions. It was not definitely in school life and college life It was the best time that what everybody used to say, that student life is the best time. Now, we have school students, even in college, but we have school students talking about depression, talking about anxiety attacks, taking about fear, panic attacks. Now, it is the time to introspect what is the missing dimension. We were working harder than we were working before. We are even meditating, we want to do everything and yet we are not experiencing that one word that we want to experience, but we have started experiencing a lot of negative words which were not there before.


Stress, anxiety, panic attack, all these words were not there before, so what happened. It is like we wanted happiness but we went on creating something else. How can that be possible? It is like a business, you have decided on your product, you can’t go and create the opposite of the product you want. But that’s what we did in life. We went on to create the opposite of what we want, simply because, we were looking for the happiness everywhere but outside. We thought it must come from somewhere and mostly we thought it must come from what we do. We thought happiness is in the doing. Any simple thing like if I eat this, I will be happy, nobody can be happy by eating. Yes. I can create a nice thought by getting to eat what I want to eat and then I say, but actually that food item I am eating is not going to give me happiness. Food was meant to be eaten for health; clothes were meant to be covered our body. Objects were meant to be used for our physical comfort. We made all these things our source of happiness, so what we buy is for happiness, what we eat is for our happiness, what we do is for our happiness. It is for happiness, which means when I do this, I will be happy. It is an equation that we have created.


The truth is contradictory to that. The truth is happiness is our nature, and now that we can cook, we can buy, we can work, we can do everything. But we don’t do this for our happiness. We are happy and the do it so that equation has to change. So, happiness is not we are doing, happiness is what we are. In our every thought, in our every feeling, in our state of mind while doing what we want to do. Be it work, holiday or being with family, it is not that they will give me happiness, I have created the right thought, created that happiness and be with them.


So, one equation has to change today, happiness is what we do, happiness is what we are and then we happily do everything. We don’t do it for happiness, we do it with happiness. The equation needs to be correct. We do it with happiness which means we are happy, “hum khusi ke liye nehi karte, hum khush rahe kar karte hain”. That one equation will change our living completely. Secondly, then how do I create happiness within? Happiness is equal to every thought I create response to every situation of life. Happiness is how I feel, but what I thought was that my feeling is dependent on people and situation. Even look at the last 6/ 8 months, together the world has been saying that fear and anxiety are normal. Yes, Covid is a crisis, it’s a pandemic, but fear and anxiety are normal. This was our choice, and we even have said this. Can we even visualise what vibration we have created in the last 9 months? What vibration the planet needed and what vibration we have created. Is it healing energy vibration that we have created? Let’s look at the planet like an entity not well. There is disease in the planet, planet needs healing energy and we say fear and anxiety is normal.


Visualise millions of people creating fear and anxiety, vibrating into the air; it’s the collective energy of the planet. Is that going to be the healing energy? Our thoughts and vibration create the energy of the planet. But we say fear and anxiety is normal. So, let’s create one simple equation today, which solves everything in life and that equation is to be emotionally independent. Do not say whatever I am feeling here is because of what’s happening here. Let’s go to before Covid. Even before Covid we were talking this language: I am angry because of, I am hurt because of, I am irritated because of, I am happy because of, something had to happen outside and I would feel accordingly.


So, do I have a choice of what I am going to feel or what I feel is dependent on what is happening outside, that’s the equation need to be changed. Just visualise your house, 4 people at home and there is a situation in the family. Do four people respond the same way? Now one can get very stressed, one can be okay, one a little disturbed, one can be very relaxed and one can be very indifferent. Four different responses to a same situation, so who is the creator of the response, the mind not the situation. Let us stop saying, I am feeling like this because of, I am feeling like this because I choose to create that thought.


Once we take this responsibility that I am the creator of my every thought and feeling that makes us ‘Atmanirbhar’. We want to create an ‘Atmanirbhar’ county, to create an ‘Atmanirbhar’ Bharat, I need to be ‘Atmanirbhar’ first myself. Atma “I”, Nirbhar “Dependent”, “reliant”. I am reliant on myself for how I think and feel. But we are today situation nirbhar, we are people-nirbhar. We are asking people to be nice so that we can be happy. You please talk properly to me, so that I can be happy, that is not atmanirbhar, that is people nirbhar. Situation should be perfect, so we are waiting. When will this Covid situation get resolved so that we can be happy? Covid needs to be resolved for health, happiness in not dependent on Covid.

Here inner world is not dependent on outer world. Unless we change that we will be a victim of people’s behaviour and situation. I am the creator of my every thought, feeling, word and behaviour. This should be our mantra in life: I am the creator of my every thought, feeling, word and behaviour. Atmanirbhar- emotionally independent. Which means there can be a crisis outside but I can be calm inside. If I don’t take care it can be calm outside and I can create crisis inside. But I have the power. So, once we start taking it like that, then we need to start conserving our emotional energy. What is happiness, what is stress? Happiness, visualise this like a battery, please draw battery in your mind, visualize this like a battery.

When this battery is charged, which means if I am full inside, contented, then I am happy, respectful, peaceful, powerful, compassionate, empathetic everything, when this is full. When this gets depleted, I am stressed, aggressive, irritated, I can be hurt easily, I can create jealousy, comparison, competition. These are emotional diseases and these are emotional health.  So, me to be happy, to me have beautiful relationships with other people whether at home whether at work. There is a family at home there is a family at work place also. So, for me to be able to adjust, adapt, cooperate, I need this battery to be full. But when this is depleted my tolerance level reduces, my power to be adjusted with the other people reduces, I react to their behaviour, if they say one thing, I will say three things in return, why should I keep quiet. So, then my relationship starts getting affected. My expectations are very high, my power to accept are very low. If the battery is charged my acceptance power is high, if my battery is discharged my expectation power is very high. So, all my relationship is not about here, relationships are about who I am here. So, if I take care of my emotional health and I charge this battery on daily basis, and that’s why if you see, go 50 years back. Everybody was able to live in huge joint families, visualize 20 people living together, 10 people 15 people living together. Not only living together only, but living together in that harmony does not mean they were not different that time. Sanskars are always different, even if there are twins they will have different state of sanskars.




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