March , 2021
In search of happiness
15:49 pm

Sister Shivani


………..continued from previous issue.

If I get timer I will do meditation, if I get time I will do yoga, how can I sleep early I come from work only so late. So everything was actually only that one reason. So we create a disciplined life and then work accordingly. We think if we are spending time on ourselves we will have less time at work. Anybody only needs to be experimented for two months. You are going to have much more time at work because if you energise yourself here, you need less time to do what you need to do. Your efficiency, your intuition power, your decision making power, your clarity your stability will be so high that you will just sail through the day and you will be able to do more what you could do otherwise.

Again a simple story if you want to cut a tree, you need to take out some time to sharpen the axe. Otherwise it will take a long time to cut the tree. But if somebody says – ‘go and sharpen the axe’ and if we say that we don’t have time because we are cutting the tree, it would not be a very intelligent decision for us. It’s affecting us, so sleeping time, best time to sleep 10 to 4. Scientifically you can study that, scientifically it is the high energising time for the mind and body. So ideally let’s start cutting of our day so that we can sleep by 10, so if we sleep by 10 we will automatically wake up by 4 or 5.

It will be a natural waking up because we have slept at the high energising time, we will wake up naturally not that we will wake up, press the snooze button, sleep for some more time and wake up tired but we have to get up. That’s not how life meant to be, because we are supposed to sleep natural, wake up natural and flow through the day with ease. So at least an hour before sleeping again we disconnect with media and social media; needs the mind to slow down.

It cannot be in a hyper active mode and then we got to sleep so at least an hour before sleeping the mind needs to slow down so for 10 minutes before sleeping again spiritual study, meditation, writing a daily journal, the mind needs to be de-clutter before sleeping. These two hours, one hour after waking up, one hour before sleeping; one hour before sleeping spend some time with family, listen to music, do anything that you like; but don’t be at work, don’t listen to the world news at night before you go to sleep or the first thing in the morning, because what you are consuming is what is going to processed for next seven hours.

So if I do not energise myself here, where do I have the energy to give it to relationships? A relationship is two people who are going to give in that relationship, but if these two people do not charge themselves every day, what strength they will have to give it to other. Then they only want in that relationship, I want love, I want happiness, I want you to understand me, I want you to trust me, you should be stable, I am allowed to shout.

This because we are depleted, at least one out of the two needs to energise themselves. If one person also energises himself/herself on a daily basis, relationship will become very simple. Because if one reacts the other one is quiet, response with stability with ease and if that happens everyone will be united. In the house let’s make a culture that we don’t use phones and televisions while having our meals.

Meal time is the energising time, food not only creates physical health but it also affects emotional health and if we are watching and engaged ourselves in something else while eating then we are not energising our mind and body. So let’s create this simple rule at home, that we do not use phone and TV while eating. Lest experiment with the Satvik diet, vegetarian diet helps a great deal to keep your mind light, relaxed and happy and also body very light and easy.

But we need to experiment this and many of you have experimented with that in Covid. So let’s start working and building on our emotional health, let’s take a few thoughts for our family and let’s create this thoughts in our morning meditation and visualisation on our daily basis. Let’s say our thought is I am a powerful being. Powerful means I don’t react I don’t get disturbed to situation and people.

Second I am happy always, what we think we will start becoming, so not that I am looking for happiness, I am happy always. Third I am a giver in life; I am a giver in my relationships which means I give love I give respect, I give acceptance. I need nothing from people. I need to teach my mind this.

I need nothing from people; I am a giver in my relationships. I radiate love, respect and acceptance. I radiate to everybody, and then always keep an affirmation a thought for your family. My family stands on the foundation of unconditional respect and acceptance. This is a thought you need to radiate into the house. Then my family is united and will always be. So I am a powerful being, I am happy always, I am a giver.

My family stands on a foundation of respect and unity, my family is united and will always be united. If you just wake up in the morning and create this thought five or six times in silence and visualise it, you are radiating vibration into the house. Every person is going to receive that vibration; and when people start receiving that vibration, people start becoming that. 

If you want everyone in your family to have a powerful mind, take care of how the food is cooked, kitchen the food is cooked, should be cooked in a very peaceful state, have high energy words playing in the house and in the kitchen throughout the day, because word and emotion influence food and water. If you have hymn and prayers and bhajans, mantra, chanting, positing videos in the kitchen throughout the day, then it is like Prasad being cooked in a temple, in a gurdwara, in a masjid, it’s like that.

Your kitchen will be become like that and when you are cooking high energy food in the kitchen, it will change the mind of everybody in the family. It will just start changing the mind of everybody in the family and that’s why spirituality and meditation is not about an hour, it’s a way of living. Everyone is spiritual.

Spiritual is about the way we think, we think spirituality means what we wear. Spirituality is not what we wear. Spirituality is not where we live. Spirituality is who we are here inside. You can be a business leader, you can be a parent, a spouse taking care of everybody, and traveling all over the world and you can be very spiritual because spirituality is all about how you think; Your art of thinking, speaking, living, working that is spirituality

So there are four energies, if we take care of that at home, everything is taken care of. First is the money that come to the house, the Dhan, because the dhan is used for buying the food, the anna, the anna will influence the mind as is the food so is the mind so Mann and as is the mann so is the tann, the body. So these four energies are very important- dhan, anna, mann and tann; money, food, mind and body.

So the way the money is earned, today we focus on how much we earn. Priority should not be how much we earn; priority should be how we earn. The money should come to the house with blessings; the money should come to the house the people being contented around the house, when the money come to the house with blessing, then that money should be used to nourish the family. Then whether it is their food, their education, everything is being done with that money. So that money should have blessings in it.

So then the food should be Satvik. Then the ‘mann’ in the morning one hour for energising, the body will be healthy and the family will be very united, just need to create a Satvik environment in the house. We cannot only prioritise how beautiful the house is, the priority should be what the vibration of my house is. When someone enters your house they should feel a sense of calm and peace. That should be the vibration of the house.

Then that energy is influencing everyone in the family. So relationship begins from here, start taking care of your mind. Your mind, body, relationship, house and the planet, everything will be taken care of. So one hour for self-care, let’s give ourselves this gift this year and very soon we will change the world. 

Question: powerful parents, parents must bring upon their children their own power, otherwise unless the parents are powerful, the children cannot be. You know another very powerful instinct of parents is to pamper their child to protect their child. But protection in later life when they actually go out into the world, when they do not have their parents backing and nobody is protecting them; they feel very exposed, very vulnerable, they struggle; so what would be the spiritual solution to this aspect of the family?

Answer: Right from the womb of the mother, power means not the control; power means the vibration, emotional health. Emotionally if I am powerful then the vibration I radiate to anybody will be powerful. But if I am depleted and stressed then I will radiate that vibration everyone around me. But the impact of a parent on a child is the highest in terms of vibration and it starts from the time the child is in the womb of the mother. 


……….to be continued in the next issue.

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