August , 2020
Season 4 Episode 13: The Journey of an Artist
11:48 am

B.E. Bureau

On August 29th was the final episode of Turiya Talks season 4. It was the 13th episode of the season, where guest of honour was this uniquely wonderful artist Mr. Rahul Basak who is co-founder of Amar Canvas with host Dipshita Chaudhury from Turiya Communications. The topic for the day was “The Journey of an Artist”.

Amar Canvas is an organisation with a unique initiative, it’s a company in which artists or painters and the buyers and sellers can sell their piece of arts for a price as well as promote their works of art. He is also the founder and chief editor at my canvas talk and a documentary photographer.

He shared how he started his journey 8- 9 years back by clicking photos on Nokia Lumia phone, because back then DSLR was too expensive to buy. And with phone clicks only he got North Bengal’s Best Photographer Award. He said “I believe that everyone should be heard, everyone should get a chance because that's the only journey an artist goes through.”

About photographing on topics like phobia, anxiety, depression and dark humor he shared as they have the potential to share the deepest emotions of a human being, he loves working on these subjects.

He talked about how startups are process of experimentation. The beautiful part about it is when one gets his success and reaches his goal through these experiments.

He was asked about advice he could give to an inspiring artist on which he shared one of his stories saying “Once my teacher told me that you might want to be an artist but you will have to feel like a MBA person, you will have to portray yourself, otherwise you and your art will die and nobody would give a damn”. Choosing the perfect genre for one’s work on the basis of interest is really important or one might get lost in the due course.

Link for TuriyaTalks S4E13 :


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