October , 2020
Season 5 Episode 13 : PERSONAL BRANDING
11:15 am

B.E. Bureau


The guest of the 13th episode of TuriyaTalks, Season 5 was Indrajit Lahiri, Food blogger, YouTuber & Public Speaker, and Aniisu K. Verghese, Internal Communications Leader, Author, Speaker, Trainer. The session was held on 3rd October on the topic ‘Personal Branding’.


“Personal Branding is about harnessing your strengths and ensuring that it adds value to other people and help them to succeed”, Mr. Aniisu affirmed. He explained the 3 C’s model that he had formulated, as a reference to a starting point in personal branding for aspiring individuals. The 3 C’s model consists of three steps: Clarity, Consistency and Commitment. According to his model, clarity of one’s own skills and passion is the most integral step, followed by being consistent in unique content creation and finally staying dedicated and progressive towards improvement.


“Personal Branding is beyond just gaining followers and likes. It is more about succeeding in making a mark in memories of masses such that they can relate you in their day-to-day life”, Mr. Indrajit mentioned. He put forth the necessity for an individual to avoid illustrating a fake personality to audience as it can lead to repercussions in the future. He also suggested to minutely target a specific audience to achieve favourable results. He recommended to reflect on ourselves regarding the ways he can leave a positive impact on the lives of his audiences.


Subsequently, Mr. Indrajit and Mr. Aniisu instructed to gather a considerable amount of information before sharing ones opinion on a particular subject. The session concluded with some suggestions for new content creators, especially for aspiring YouTubers.


Link for TuriyaTalks S5E13 :


Online course on personal branding by Mr. Aniisu K. Verghese :  


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