May , 2021
Season 7 episode 12 - Turiya Talks
14:38 pm

B.E. Bureau


The 12th episode of Turiya Talks Season 7 had Prof. Dr. Sujoy Biswas as a guest, to discuss his “journey on working in the education industry” with the host of the show, Sandhya Sutodia, the co-founder of Turiya Communications LLP.


Dr. Sujoy Biswas is the director and CEO of Techno India University and Techno India Group, as well as a motivational speaker, an avid social worker and patron of the NGO “SRUJON SABHA” which supports children with autism.


“The flame of aspirations must be so ardent that no obstacle would be able to dissolve it”, with these words, Dr. Biswas kickstarted the interactive session on the show.


He explained that life is full of struggle and one must know that strength and growth comes only through continuous effort and hard work. In a sense, a struggle is a form of training; it prepares us and forces us, to be ready for the next step.


Talking about how he motivates people around him, Dr. Biswas said that one cannot motivate others, they can only inspire them. One’s motivation cannot be transferred to others, but they can teach people to find the motivation to get things done and for achieving their goals.


While reminiscing about his 13 years long journey in the education industry, Dr. Biswas said that he likes interacting with the young generation and has a firm belief in working with them to shape their future so that they can be self-reliant till a minimum of 50 more years. He also believes that knowledge is something that one cannot be taken or snatched away from another person; rather, every human being has a story to tell, which eventually becomes an important life lesson.


He concluded his part with a motivational message and thanked Turiya Talks and the host for having him. He also extended his warm wishes for the success of Turiya Communications LLP and hoped to see them excel more in the coming days.



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