May , 2021
Seventh Era Eleventh Episode - "Age is only a number?"
14:59 pm

B.E. Bureau



Turia was our guest in the eleventh episode of Talks to Seventh Period; Dr. Ashish Chaudhary, who is "age only a number?" Our position on the subject was present to discuss with Turiya Communications LLP co-founder Sandhya Sutodia. Dr. Ashish Chaudhary is a rising-age investigative scientist at the John New Man Laboratory of Buck Institute, whose specialty is; Technological development, drug testing and target discovery. He told that increasing age is an unavoidable event that every person has to go through, whether rich or poor, no one remains untouched by it. But the thing that people are more afraid of is the increase of age-old age, that is, the aging of biological life. Diseases such as diabetes, amnesia, and sarcopenia (the occurrence of meat muscles) are the worst part of aging. Further explains how people can slow down the aging process, he said that anxiety is one of the main reasons why people get older early. Nowadays people are surrounded by much more mental pressure than before. The most difficult age in life can be middle age. Talking about aging and other reasons, he says that he believes that eating is also an essential factor. Eating unhealthy can cause many diseases; He said that in order to live a good healthy life, a person should eat healthy food, which contains the right amount of protein.

He ended the show by saying, "Having fun, going out, exploring, being physically active, having a good diet will help you age gracefully with beauty."

In the end, he considered that "age is only 1 number." He thanked the distance telcos for providing such a good platform where they could talk about aging.

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