February , 2022
SHE launches a book featuring Dr. H.P. Kanoria and other inspiring personalities
16:36 pm

B.E. Bureau

Shagufta Hanaphie, the renowned author, compiler and event curator has recently launched her first book BENGAL 21. The book showcases life stories of 21 inspiring personalities from West Bengal. The book includes life stories and biographies of living legends like Dr. H.P Kanoria, prominent philanthropist and also the chairperson of SREI group, artist Wasim Kapoor, Dr. Prof Sujoy Biswas, educationist Seema Bahri, holistic healer Rajkumari Saharia, jute revivalist Chaitali Das, social worker Barnali Banerjee, tally guru Amit Sharma, educator Rakhshinda Jabeen, young philantropist duo Saumya & Mahima Varma, actress Papia Adhikary, kantha revivalist Malika Varma, real estate tycoon Nafis Ahmed, wedding planner Pritam Dutta, homepreneur and Mrs. India awardee Preet Walia, lawyer Md. Aammar Zaki, classical odyssey dance guru Sanchita Bhattacharya, santoor maestro Tarun Bhattacharya, entrepreneur Neetu Bhura, pharmaceutical legend Rajendra Khandelwal of Dhanwantary, outdoor advertising expert JK Shah and poet Sushmeli Dutta.

The book has compiled by Shagufta Hanaphie. The cover has been designed by Ananda Ghosh and published by Bluerose Publishers. The book has been priced competitively and is available in Flipkart, Amazon, Kindle and Google Reads. Hard copies are also available through booking with SHE (Shagufta Hanaphie Events).

According to Hanaphie, “I am quite sure everyone will enjoy reading the lives of these 21 personalities who are a source of constant inspiration and motivation for all. Each story includes life sketch, quotes, poems, successes, failures and awards associated with them to inspire the readers and satisfy their curious instincts.”



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