September , 2019
Sikkim reopens its famous Temi Bungalow for travellers
15:18 pm

B.E. Bureau

Sikkim has opened doors to its first-ever public and private partnership with the reopening of its Bada Bungalow at Temi Tea Estate. The bungalow has been transformed into an eco-adventure hub with five rooms, seven cottages, a view deck, as well as a casino lounge. Partnered with Priya Entertainments Private Limited (PEPL), this magnificent public property in southern Sikkim, now known as the Temi Bungalow, is expected to be inaugurated by the Minister for Tourism, B.S. Panth. With a unique positioning of being heritage in structure and modern in amenities, this multi-crore investment is expected attract large number of global as well as domestic tourists. Arjit Dutta, MD, PEPL, told BE, “The resort shall champion the cause of environmentally conscious and responsible tourism and promote local employment generation.”

Built by the British Christian missionaries in 1885, the bungalow is an antique structure and an architectural marvel that has withstood the test of time. During India’s pre-independence era, the Bada Bungalow housed British pastors. From then on, Temi and the bungalow have witnessed many changes. In 1973, Temi became the headquarters of tea cultivation in Sikkim and the estate manager occupied the Bada Bungalow. Today, Temi Tea is one of the finest brands of tea available. With tea bushes in the yard that were planted by the last King and Queen of Sikkim and its beautiful old-world charm intact, the bungalow opens its doors for guests from all over the world. The promoters hope to increase the number of tourists at Temi by organising the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, targeting travellers from Japan and from the countries in Europe.


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