November , 2017
Smart minds smarter ideas
15:00 pm

Ayantika Halder

The Dalal Street hosted by La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata, has provided an opportunity to students to employ their theoretical knowledge of business and economics to real world situations. Continuing for three consecutive years, the event is an initiative undertaken by the commerce department of the school and aims to provide the participating students with an insight beyond textual learning.

The events included ‘Courtroom Scene’ and ‘Big Billion Sale’. The students had to enact real life situations and dilemmas of the court and reflect on their purchasing and selling capabilities and evaluate the profitability of their transactions. Participants were informed about bidding procedures and were oriented about the stock market. Business quiz, media manipulation, and panel discussion were also lined up for the two-day educative business conclave. Formulating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was also on the cards and participating students had to formulate CSR strategies for companies. They were also encouraged to come up with innovative start-up plans.

D.K. Chatterjee, Head of the Department, Department of Commerce, La Martiniere for Boys informed BE, “The fundamental idea of organising ‘The Dalal Street’ is to provide a platform to the senior students to exhibit their skills which will make them better citizens in the world of commerce and business. This event is a boon for the students who are planning to enter the world of business and finance. Classroom teachings only prepare students for exams. But making them ready for the exams is not our only concern. Our focus is to tailor their observations and proficiencies into daily life activities which are not enlightened in any book or through classroom lectures.  So these events will assist them to encounter real life business experiences with confidence and tenacity.  I am sure this event will make the students more mature and improved individuals.”

The event was not only restricted to the commerce department. Harsh Didwania, one of the organisers, said, “We have witnessed 18 schools participating this year. This year we have seen many students from science and humanities taking part in this event.”

D.K. Chatterjee added, “The resources are a big issue. But we get complete support from our school, our Principal and the board which simplifies the tedious work. The boys are extremely responsible and dutiful towards their work, which is also a part of their learning experience.”

Michal Wharton, Academic Counsellor of EduAims and one of the judges of The Dalal Street events was enthralled with the captivating ideas that were floated by the students. He elaborated, “Contents are important but 80% of the performances will depend on the way   students have presented it which includes their body language. Through these competitions, the students get spirit and enthusiasm about real life facts and intricacies of the business world.  I am very happy to see school students trying to combat real business situations with such innovative strategies. They are learning about companies and marketing techniques. This kind of exposure is really enriching.” The event ended with DPS Ruby Park securing the first position.

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