September , 2021
Social Force – Changing lives
16:53 pm

B.E. Bureau

Social Force is a volunteer based philanthropic organization that has recently started its operation from Kolkata. The primary focus of the organisation is to work for the underprivileged, erase hunger and impart basic knowledge to street and slum dwellers, and teach their children.

The organisation has created a separate division ‘Self Help’ which aims to provide basic vocational training to the underprivileged to help them earn their livelihood. The organisation also has various environmental projects and undertakes plantation programmes. As the organisation’s journey continues, it has gained immense popularity as a credible philanthropic organisation and presently has 56 members.  

It has made significant progress in aiding the underprovided as it continues to serve lunch to around 1000 people every day in the Tollygunge area of southern Kolkata. Additionally, it also provides dinner to the economically marginalised and homeless in and around Gariahat in southern Kolkata. The organisation has also formed a separate chapter in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh where they are serving around 100 underprivileged individuals. It is supported by a large pool of donors and brands such as Mitti Cafe, Ubuntu Café and The Food Project. 

Independence Day Celebration

The organisation held a special programme for Independence Day. It arranged a chartered bus ride for 15 underprivileged elderly individuals and 15 children. They were taken to different landmarks in Kolkata like the Victoria Memorial, Kalighat Temple, Outram Ghat etc. They were also provided with food and refreshments.


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