April , 2017
Spiritual invocation of Westin Hotel
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B.E. Bureau


The Shristi Hotel Pvt.Ltd., taking a different approach, opted for a spiritual invocation of Westin Hotel, a five-star  hotel, in New Town, Kolkata. This event will soon be followed by an official inauguration ceremony. The event was attended by distinguished guests like Dr. H.P. Kanoria, Sujit Kanoria, Hemant Kanoria, Swami Suparnananda Ji, and Debasish Sen, Chairman, Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO).

At this spiritual invocation ceremony, Dr. Kanoria, Chairman of the SREI Foundation, said, “The Srei Foundation
envisions that this hotel will be an extremely good option for the government, the entrepreneurs, and the people. The hotel has good amenities to attract tourists. Moreover, it is located near the airport which will be convenient for the travellers. We seek blessings from Lord Ganesha who is also known as ‘Vigna Harta’ to remove all the future obstacles. We pray to Mother Laxmi and Mother Saraswati to lead us to a path of good fortune. I thank everyone for attending this spiritual invocation ceremony. ”

Sujit Kanoria, Managing Director, Shristi Hotel Pvt. Ltd.,  said, “It has been a long journey and finally the day has come when this spiritual invocation of the hotel is taking place. It is in line with the Kanoria Foundation’s thought which is work with devotion. When we first conceptualised the project, I was certain that we are to create an infrastructure which becomes one with the nature. So we hired a world renowned architect from Spain. When anyone goes round the hotel, one will get the glimpse of our culture through the mural of a lady Goddess in the reception and also of various scripts from our Vedas which are present in different parts of the hotel. The journey of constructing the hotel had its share of highs and lows but the journey has made me more enthusiastic for taking future challenges of creating such mammoth infrastructure projects.”

At the event, Hemant Kanoria, Chairman and Managing Director, Srei Infrastructure Finance, said, “It is indeed a privilege to be here for the spiritual invocation of this hotel. The team has put in a spectacular effort. I have travelled to many parts of the country and I am happy to say that I haven’t come across such a magnificently constructed hotel. People in Kolkata will find this hotel very convenient for hosting social ceremonies. Also, this hotel can be used for hosting business conferences like Global Business Summit which was held in Kolkata recently. Once our services become operational, I would request the government to utilise our facility to hotel such events in future. On our part, I would like to say is that we and our staff would make sure that everyone has a great stay at the hotel.”

Swami Suparnananda Ji, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Golpark, said, “I was talking to Dr. H.P. Kanoria regarding the inauguration where he categorically stated that this is the spiritual invocation ceremony. An inauguration ceremony will be held later. In this regard, I would like to throw some light on the difference between spiritual and political concepts of things and events. A political agenda thrives on the basis of expressing one’s views against others, while spiritualism is a connection which helps to develop a cordial relationship between individuals. Humanity is diverse. But through spiritualism each individual is connected. Swami Vivekananda propagated the concept of unity. Sri Ramakrishna also treated all people alike. This unity in diversity connected through spiritualism is what will help the mankind.”


Debasish Sen, Chairman, Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO), who was the chief guest, said, “I, on behalf of the West Bengal government, congratulate the Kanoria group for making this major investment in the state. We from the government are building the Bishwa Bangla Convention Centre at an investment of `450 crore, which is going to roll out in July. There are already bookings for events and shows. This convention centre can also provide substantial business to the hotel.”

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