March , 2021
Start-up picture in India expecting expansions
13:43 pm

B.E. Bureau

Glozztek is a luxury vehicle and supercar detailing service and paint protection centre that was established during the pandemic. Shreyas MB, Founder of Glozztek, shared his experiences of developing the start-up with BE’s Kuntala Sarkar.


Q. You have started your company when India is struggling with the pandemic. In such a situation how tough was it economically to start a new company?

A. 2020 has been a tough year for the entire world and economically everyone has taken a hit. But at the end of the day it’s all about getting back up and taking the challenge head on. We are a self-funded company and it is hard to start a business amidst the pandemic. The automobile industry did see a dip during the pandemic but is now slowly and steadily starting to rise again.

Q. How is the overall start-up scenario in India? 

A. The overall start-up scenario in India has been doing pretty well even though there hasn’t been much support from the government. Young people are coming up with great ideas and the competition is really fierce, which is good in a way as it makes us push ourselves harder. The market in south India like any other has a lot of promising business entrepreneurs doing great things but due to the overall pandemic it obviously hasn’t been too great and is slowly starting to get back to normal.

Q. Are government rules and regulations aiding the start-up situation in the domestic market?

A. Personally, I don’t think that both state and union government rules and regulations are aiding the start-up situation in the domestic market. We had no policies that were essential to us. In my opinion overall the current government can do a lot more in terms of building a better financial infrastructure for start-ups.

Q. How is the banking sector helping the start-up scenario in India in terms of taking loans?

A. The banking segment is actually pretty helpful concerning start-ups. There are many banks offering loans. But I feel the process needs to be made simpler and the use of technology can help the same. 

Q. You have started a service company that is linked to the ups and downs of the automobile sector. Why did you take the risk when the overall automobile market was down?

A. Glozztek is a brand that is linked to the ups and downs of the automobile sector. We also realise that we have entered into a space that already has key players existing in the market. But during our initial days of research we also found that south India has a lot of people that like to spend on their cars or bikes to maintain and many times enhance the look of their vehicles. 

Q. Do you expect a recovery of the automobile sector any time soon in your state?

A. I expect a recovery of the automobile sector because there are many factors that influence the growth of automobiles in Karnataka. The presence of a wide ecosystem helps the growth of the automobile sector. This includes component manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, and R&D centres. Additionally, many automobile giants have their manufacturing units in Karnataka such as Toyota Kirloskar, Bosch and Volvo to name a few. 

Q. What are the exclusive car services in your company that will attract customers?

A. We aim to provide our customers the best in terms of paint protection, car detailing and car interiors, which is why we offer a larger list of services under these such as PPF, ceramic coating to name a few. We are mainly looking at targeting the luxury cars and supercars segment. To provide the best experience, all the certifications that Glozztek uses are of international standards. We are now planning to expand to every metropolitan city of India. 


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