August , 2020
Staying Optimistic and Productive
18:24 pm

B.E. Bureau


The second episode of TuriyaTalks season 4, was joined by Mrs. Shilpa Arora and Miss June Biswas along with host Simran Handa from Turiya Communications.
Mrs. Arora started the session by saying “ Everyone should have the urge to do more in life and follow their dreams.”
We should concentrate more on real-life rather than on the reel life as social media platforms are subjective, people show what they want others to see and not show the bad side of it. Not everything is perfect on Social media.
Miss June said, "Don't believe everything you see, your expectations and goals should be more than just buying an expensive bag or living a lavish lifestyle, it's about finding yourself and what you want to do with your life."
The art of storytelling seems to be important when it is being conveyed in an interesting way.
Digital mediums are basically snatching away the childhood from the children as they are hooked on their screens all the time, they are basically losing their childhood and what it feels like to go outside and play.
We should create our own niche and think multiple times before implementing something as everything has its pros and cons.  And we should always be ourselves and not someone else as being genuine and not a copy cat will make people follow you.

Link for TuriyaTalks S4E2 :


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