July , 2019
StockEdge app for self-help on stock market
17:07 pm

Kuntala Sarkar

StockEdge is a self-help financial app for the Indian stock market, which is primarily based on NSE and BSE data. It provides necessary tools to understand the stock market. Vivek Bajaj, Founder, StockEdge, spoke to BE’s Kuntala Sarkar.

 Q. How is your product unique in the Indian context?

A. Our app has facilitated access to high-quality market data and analytics to the masses. What was once privy to only large broking houses and HNI investors is now available to every single retail investor in the country. The USP of StockEdge is a clear focus on ‘End-Of-The-Day Analytics’ which makes it easy for any investor to keep track of the markets by just spending few minutes on the app.

Q. How can one track NSE and BSE stocks in this app?

A. Our app provides detailed analytics of all 5000+ stocks, covering both NSE and BSE. One can navigate through the stocks through sectors, industries or via a simple search and get a 360-degree view of any selected stock. The information covers price, volume, technical, fundamental and corporate updates. One can also create multiple watch lists based on their objective and track various stocks quickly.

Q. How can one research about the stock market?

A. To make an investment decision in a company, we need to do a comprehensive study starting from what the company’s past financial statements, its latest quarterly performance, deep ratio analysis, shareholding pattern, investor presentations and also need information about the management. We have created a huge repository of predefined scans (filters) which helps even an ordinary user to differentiate a good parameter from a bad one.

Q. Do you provide any consultancy?

A. We do not provide any consultancy services. We encourage and try to empower every trader and investor to act independently. We strive to give them the best tools using which they can make knowledgeable decisions. We only charge for a few advanced analytical tools in our app. We also offer a premium membership of The StockEdge Club. The purpose of this club is to provide continuous learning and mentorship to its members - making them capable of trading. The training is given in the form of webinars conducted by market experts and workshops in different cities. Around 90% of the information in the app is available free of cost and we charge a nominal fee for the advanced features. 

Q. Is there any specific region that has more penetration for this app?

A. The users of our app are spread across India and the majority of them are from metropolitan cities. We also have good penetration in tier II and tier III cities. We see a regular flow of users from across the globe primarily from the US, UK, Singapore, and West Asia.

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