May , 2021
Suasth seeks corporate support
14:13 pm

B.E. Bureau


Suasth, a Non-Profit Organisation (section 08) has set up a 400 bed multi-specialty with liver transplant plan and tertiary care hospital at Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai. The hospital has a built-up area of 5 lakh sq. ft. and is strategically located with access to a wide catchment area with an estimated population of over 11 lakh people.



Suasth Hospital commenced operations in July 2020 and is presently operating only 100 beds, catering to both covid / non-covid patients. However, given the need for additional healthcare infrastructure to address the rising covid cases, the Panvel City Municipal Corporation (PMC) has fast tracked and sanctioned Suasth the approval to operate 280 beds on an immediate basis.




India has witnessed a massive surge of Covid cases in recent times. The country’s present medical infrastructure is inadequate to support such a large number of cases and accordingly, the country is grappling to survive the pandemic. With rapid increase in Covid-19 cases, several hospitals across the country are stretched beyond their capacities in handling the rising burden of the highly infectious disease. States such as Maharashtra, Delhi, Chennai along with Punjab and Karnataka are bearing the maximum load of the pandemic and are already falling short of health infrastructure and equipment including beds, oxygen and ventilators.




Suasth has already made a significant amount of investment to construct the hospital and a further capex of `50 crores will not only help to unlock the value but also optimise asset utilisation in these difficult times. The hospital is entitled to have CSR support. The contribution will help to immediately operationalise additional 200 beds along with necessary medical equipment and offer complete Covid-19 care to fight the pandemic. In these exceptionally difficult times of medical urgency, it is important that corporates come together, collaborate and partner to combat the ongoing crisis.



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