June , 2020
A subscription-based micro mobility platform
19:55 pm

B.E. Bureau


Some companies have handled the disruptive dimensions of the Covid-19 better based on their demand-responsive approaches and by tweaking their product offerings. eBikeGo is an electric micro mobility platform that has emerged with various product offerings during the lockdown. BE’s Saptarshi Deb spoke to Irfan Khan, Founder CEO, eBikeGo.

Q) Tell us about your company? Which are the Indian cities that are being currently serviced by your company? 

A) eBikeGo is a smart electric mobility platform working in the B2B space with companies like Zomato, Bigbasket, and Delhivery. We are presently active in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Amritsar, and Vijayawada.

Q) How have you adapted your business model for the post-lockdown period?

A) Due to the unavailability of public transport in many places in India, daily commuters are facing a huge problem. eBikeGo has come up with a subscription model for daily commuters. This will provide our customers with an inexpensive model of transport that also allows them to mitigate the risks associated with public modes of transport.

Q) Are you using IoT in your business model? How is it enhancing efficiency? Is it leading to a reduction in operational costs?

A) Yes, we have our IoT system in place. We have developed it. It is highly effective and is increasing our operational efficiency. We also have our own machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms to add value to our customers for predicting a number of things associated with our fleet.

Q) What are the roadside services that are being offered to your customers?

A) We have a team that is always on the ground and takes care of breakdowns. It is there to provide 24x7 roadside assistance to all our customers.

Q) What are your expectations from the Indian EV market (the two-wheeler segment) in the next few years?

A) We are expecting that more components would be indigenously developed in India in the next two years. We also need a better charging and service network in place for customers to lose their apprehensions of electric two-wheelers.

Q) What are your expansion plans?

A) Right now, we are expanding our fleet in the existing cities and are also planning to enter three more cities this year. In these cities, we want to expand to our maximum limit.

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