July , 2016
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B.E. Bureau

Q. What made you choose ‘As you like it’?

A. This is the fourth play of Shakespeare that I am directing this year after Macbeth and Hamlet. ‘As you like it’ has long been on my list because of its exciting prospects. What excited me the most was the fact that the character Rosalind goes to a forest and pretends to be a man called Ganymede. When she meets her lover Orlando, she tells him she is a boy. This is something I found interesting. The best part in our play is that a boy is playing the role of Rosalind. So it’s a boy pretending to be a girl pretending to be a boy.

Q. What are the essentials of a good play?

A. It should have a vision. Vision should be conveyed through theatrical expressions.

Q. What would you define as your trademark theatre style?

A. I don’t know what it is to define a trademark. My plays always deal with clowns. This is my fifth production with clowns after C for Clown, Hamlet: The Clown Prince, What’s Done Is Done, Nothing Like Lear. Clowns are free from social restrictions, caste and religion. They are happy creatures who make people laugh. They are bundles of emotions.

Q. How is Indian theatre evolving?

A. It is evolving because a new kind of audience is emerging. With large number of audience, there is a renewed demand for theatres.

Q. Is it a viable career option?

A. Definitely. This is a new platform for youngsters whose talents get recognized. In the-atres, we always discover some-one new. There are no particular script written. Rather it evolves with the play. It is the combined effort that makes a play success-ful. By the end of the play it is as much a surprise to us as it to the audience.

Q. Are good theatre scripts coming?

A. I don’t read scripts. I write my own scripts and improvise them.

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