November , 2018
Tata Hitachi: technology to build stronger products
16:45 pm

Isha Chakraborty

Tata Hitachi has been known to be a prime mover in sustainable development in the fields of infrastructure and mining. Delivering global excavation and haulage solutions, it has embraced all the challenges. It has prioritised service and support to customers through a strong distribution network. The organisation has introduced ConSite - an IT enabled tool through which machine reports are transmitted to the customers and helps them make their operations smart and efficient.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd., Japan has also been evolving technology for mining excavators and rigid dump trucks. It offers a fleet management system, 'WENCO' to make equipment utilisation effective and efficient.

Sandeep Singh, Tata Hitachi, Managing Director, stated, “At the International Mining and Machinery Exhibition (IMME), we are demonstrating our unmatched strength in mining by showcasing our hydraulic excavators that include ZX870H, ZX650, ZX470H and the Wheel Loader TL340H models. Along with this, our support pavilion showcases ConSite, the training simulator, the FMC Pavilion, spares support counter and the new hammerless tooth points designed and developed by Hitachi for the

Ultra Large Class (ULC) of excavators. Tata Hitachi is also conducting a seminar on mining technology with the participation and presentation from subject experts from Japan and Australia. This is part of our inclusive approach for sustainable development in core sectors.”

Shin Nakajima, Director, Sales and Marketing mentioned, “Tata Hitachi is committed to skill development to improve employability and social upliftment. India presents an opportunity of development of large volume of work in the sectors of infrastructure and mining. High performance equipment supplied to the market demands a bank of trained operators, mechanics, service personnel and project managers. To meet this challenge, we have set up Skill Development Centers and Operator Training Schools at Kharagpur and Dharwad.”


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