November , 2018
Technology aiding differently-abled people
17:00 pm

Kuntala Sarkar

Technical breakthroughs have given differently-abled people access to a better quality of life.  The Indian market is witnessing a number of Assistive Technical (AT) gadgets, which are specifically designed for people with disabilities. With the help of these gadgets, they can find better ways to communicate. Many of these gadgets are also aimed at simplifying academic processes. The Braille+ mobile manager is aiding visually impaired people to use mobile phones, computers, and the internet. But these gadgets are high priced. Many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are working to enhance the availability of these gadgets in India. This article explores some of these gadgets in detail.


UNI is a gadget to help the deaf and speech-impaired people to communicate with others. It is a two-way communication device that can detect sign language using its camera and convert it into speech. It has built-in software to generate custom sign language and can be customised accordingly.

Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore

Tobii Dynavox has created the PCEye Explore eye tracking device to help people with limited movement to control computers with their eyes. It has built-in software that adapts to the user. It is not harmful for the eyes. BE has spoken to Michel Harrison, who is currently running a Kolkata-based NGO regarding this eye tracking device.  Her NGO ‘Shishur Sevay’ is the only organisation in India to use this eye tracking gadget as it is quite costly. Her NGO is making this gadget available to bright, visually impaired children.


The touch screen of the iPad is easier to work with as compared to a mouse linked to a computer. It entails less mobility. Additionally, the device is compatible with various apps that can help the differently-abled to manage their medical conditions and disabilities.

Sesame Phone

Sesame Phone is a hands-free smartphone. It is created for people having problems in physical movement. The device permits full control of the phone with the user’s head. In this gadget, the head works as a finger and controls the functionality of the smartphone.


Liftware is an eating instrument by which people with motion disorders can eat food on their own. Liftware is a stabilising handle that can be attached with an eating utensil. A fork or spoon can be attached with this device.

Tactile wand electronic walking stick

Visually impaired persons generally use sticks to determine whether an object is in front of them. With the help of this electronic handheld walking stick, they can detect objects in front of them. It vibrates as the intensity or closeness of the object increases and helps the user to judge his way.


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