November , 2018
Technology streamlines recruitment process in India
13:30 pm

B.E. Bureau

In today’s global economy, various multi-national companies (MNCs) are stepping into different countries in search of new marketing avenues and opportunities.

Most of these companies are not interested in establishing a full-fledged human resource (HR) cell. In such a scenario, they outsource the entire employee recruitment procedure to save time and resources. New-age technology involves intelligent applications of technology that make recruitment easier. There is no doubt that this technology is also making the job of placement agencies easier and effective.

The function of the HR domain is to maximise the efficiency of the company’s work force. After all, in the world of quality and effective resources, time is money. Naturally, the main objective is to finish any assignment within the stipulated time frame and to ensure the same for the other employees of the organisation. In the corporate sector, the working professionals consider a company to be a summation of its employees and stuff (Company = P + S) where P stands for people and S stands for stuff (asset). It goes withoutsaying that employees are the most important assets of any company. Appointing talented and experienced people is a big challenge for the HR team.

Additionally, application of new-age technology can make the HR department of any company more efficient and professional. From giving advertisements to sending appointment letters, HR departments of various corporate conglomerates are relying on new age technologies. By channelising all available email-ids, a technologically well-equipped HR team can assess the performance of any team or any wing and from that the man power requirement in any particular team/wing may be assessed. Any decision can be taken regarding HR functions and manpower optimisation based on this data. It may not be feasible for HR teams to go through all received resumes. Hence, data cloning and/or data matching technology are applied on the data itself to streamline applications.

Often, it falls on the HR team members to fix the requirement depending on priorities. Resumes are subsequently shortlisted on the basis of experience as well as other requirements/parameters. Technological involvement in this aspect has simplified the process. The attrition rate will be also less and in this way.

— Hemant Choubey, The author is the Founder & CEO of Jobd, a one stop solution for an organisation’s hiring seeds.


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