July , 2020
Third season of Turiya Talks focuses on Hope
16:57 pm

B.E. Bureau

Turiya Communications recently organised their third digital seminar session. It was titled, ‘Cope with Hope’ and was hosted by Sandhya Sutodia, Co-founder, Turiya Communications. Business Economics is pleased to be the media partner of the session.


The first episode was addressed by Dr. Kunal Sarkar, Senior Vice Chairman, Head, Cardiac Surgery at Medica Superspecialty Hospital. The topic was, ‘Pandemic...Light at the end of the Tunnel’. He men-tioned, “Until the vaccine is discovered, face masks are our only weapon to prevent the virus…Doctors were confident about dealing with any disease but this pandemic has made them realise that confidence is not enough.”


In the second episode, Yadunath Bhargavan Karimbil, a legal counsel joined the session, which was titled, ‘Video Conferencing...The new Access to Justice.’ Karimbil said, “The judicial system has been able to resolve judicial cases online during Covid-19, but it should not be a replacement for the offline court. Video conferencing would bring an unprecedented amount of efficiency in giving justice effectively...Shortly, e-courts are likely to be one of the most important judiciary systems in the world.”


In the third episode, Dr. Rahul Jain joined the discussion which was titled, ‘Lifestyle Diseases - Being fit for a better future’.He said that the lack of physical activity, insulin resistance in the body, and consumption of high-calorie food are the root causes of acquiring lifestyle diseases. Many people suffer from obesity. Dr. Jain said, “Along with exercise, being self-motivated and reducing stress is important.” He warned about excessive drinking and smoking, which lead to chronic diseases.


The fourth episode started with a discussion by Pranav Kotak on the topic of ‘Digital Marketing: The New Future’. Digital media is the primary strategy for businesses as it helps in reaching out to a larger audience. He said that the SEO process starts with selecting keywords and validating it with time is the basic function for growing the business. Kotak said, “The main purpose of marketers is to adapt to the business environment as marketing during Covid-19 is being done digitally on a primary basis.”







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