December , 2020
Three decades of Srei
16:06 pm

Hemant Kanoria


Srei has emerged as one of India's leading asset finance and leasing institutions. Hemant Kanoria, Chairman, Srei Infrastructure Finance, spoke to BE about the three-decade journey of Srei.


Q. What was your thought process behind the formation of Srei Infrastructure?


A: Srei started its journey in the 1980s when India was at the cusp of a great change. The country was ready to embark on a journey to unshackle its economy. Better roads, more ports and airports, uninterrupted power supply were the needs of the hour for accelerated growth of the economy and welfare of the citizens. We saw opportunity in the infrastructure sector and we decided to participate in the nation-building process and contribute to India's economic progress. That's how our journey started.


Q. What were the initial challenges you faced and what kept you going?


A: We really had no idea of how the business would take shape when we started our journey but we always had the zeal to contribute towards the development of the country. That's what kept us moving forward.


Q. How did you start developing your business?


A: We started with financing infrastructure equipment and then gradually expanded to infrastructure financing, project development, project advisory and other allied businesses. We ensured proper training for our employees and channel partners on infrastructure financing. Since the economic liberalisation, private sector players have played an important role in India's infrastructure development. We are happy that we have been able to act as a catalyst for national transformation and economic development.


Q. How have you promoted the entrepreneurship spirit in India? 


A: Through our rural development initiative Sahaj, we have created entrepreneurs across 90,000+ villages in India. It had a multiplier effect on job creation as each of these entrepreneurs also created more jobs at the village level. We have always believed in India's entrepreneurship spirit and are happy that Sahaj has nurtured that spirit successfully.


Q. What are your thoughts on 'Atmanirbhar Bharat'? 


A: It is an excellent initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This aims for India becoming a global superpower and every one of us should try our best to realise this.



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