January , 2019
Three spiritual mobile apps
15:43 pm

Isha Chakraborty

Internet-based mobile apps are transforming our lives by simplifying various processes. There are many mobile apps that can help to relieve stress. BE explores three such apps.

Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness

This app can be the perfect getaway while you are trying to relieve stress or anxiety. It can help you meditate. 


Headspace has different courses to help you in skilfully managing different topics and forming healthy habits. Additionally, these courses help in managing anxiety, restless-ness, and sleep. It can help in overcoming distractions while increasing kindness, appreciation, and finding focus. It has several exercises to help with breathing during stressful conditions along with visualisation and mindfulness exercises for relaxation. This feature includes exercises on health, work, happiness and performance. You can either select a guide or do the exercises unguided. Eyes-open exercises are another feature that generally consists of walking around, cooking, eating or even just simply commuting.

Price: It’s a free app available on Google Play for android smart phones. However, there’s in-app purchase with prices ranging from Rs. 120 to Rs. 8,300 per item.

Insight Timer: Meditation App

This is a spiritual app with over 4800 guided meditations that can be filtered under sections like length, topic, or experience. The app also includes a wide list of spiritual music, chants, mantras, and nature sounds, which can be filtered by length and genre. There's a long playlist of meditation music.


You can stream 12,000 guided meditations, have access to a seven-day ‘learn to meditate course’, follow 2,500 meditation teachers and interact with over 5,000 discussion groups. The application can help to keep tab on your progress with the help statistics and milestones. A device syncing feature is also provided. If you are paying for the application, you can access it without the internet as well.

Price: The app comes with an optional in-app subscription of Rs. 355.66/month. The subscriptions are renewed every month automatically.

The Mindfulness App

This meditation app includes a pack of a five-day guided practice for meditation, reminders for relaxation modules and individual-based meditation habits. The app can be brought in sync with other similar app to provide a comprehensive health and wellness programme.


This app comes with a five-day guided course that helps you in understanding mindfulness. Its sessions have silent, guided meditations of several intervals that range from three to 30 minutes. Through customisable meditation you can create your own guided introduction, ringer bells, and nature sounds to support you through your spiritual journey. One important feature for any beginner would be reminders. Meditation reminders can help you with notices that help you keep a check on time and be in track for the next session. This app comes with a stat measurer to track total meditation journey.

Price: The basic features come free. However, if you wish to try other content, you need to buy premium packs.


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