November , 2023
Truth, purity, unselfishness, good motive, sincerity and love can conquer the world
18:34 pm

Dr. H. P. Kanoria

Jai Bharat, Jai Vishwa.

A very warm welcome to all for the World Values

Day Celebration.

Swami Vivekananda said, “We are the Children of God, the sharers of immortal, bliss, holy and perfect beings. We are divinities on earth. Come up, O Lions, Lioness and Leos and shake off the delusion. You are soul’s immortal, spirits free, blessed and eternal. We are not matter, we are not bodies; matter is our servant not we the servant of the matter. Work hard till goal is not reached. Fear not. Wheel is on your shoulder, stop not to look back for name or fame. Throw self-overboard and work. Have faith in self, in all and in God. Have muscles of iron and nerves of steel. Work hard righteously, selflessly and honestly for welfare of living beings and nature. Bear no hatred to anyone. God dwells in every heart.” Like every year, this year too,

World Values Day resounds the call to deepen and strengthen our commitment to the constant practice of values across the globe. Values are essential to our survival. World Values Day presents us with an opportunity to reflect on the values we hold and how it impacts us and those around us. The theme for this year is ‘Values Brings Us Together ’.

GOD’s reflection is in all beings. Do not think we are sinners. Let everyone be taught that the Divine is within. Ask nothing and want nothing in return. Give what you have to give; it will come back to you but not to think of it now. The more you give the more will come back to you. A river is constantly flowing towards the ocean. It empties itself but again is filled up. We have to have the following values:-

(i)   Strict morality.


(iii)Control over mind.

Truth, purity, unselfishness, good motive, sincerity and love can conquer the world, build up the character. With good character, good impression prevails. Entertain positive thoughts. Let positive strong and helpful thoughts enter into the mind from very childhood. Assert I am He, I am He. Aham Brahmasmi, Shivoham. Never mind the failure, they are quite natural. Make the attempt more and more like the story of Amir Timur from History.  Blame none, not even God. We have to make our own destiny. God does not punish. We are the creator of our own destiny. Love all beings as yourself. One God is in all. The infinite souls are eternal. We are one with the Universal Being. Have spiritual knowledge. Helping others physically and materially will give relief for a short while. Requirement exists. But spiritual knowledge can reduce the misery forever. A spiritually strong and sound man is strong in every other aspect. Spiritual Science makes one perfect with which one can have internal calmness in spite of intense activity. This resonates even more so today. We are having crisis of deadly diseases, environmental destruction and social unrest. The environment is essential and there is a very urgent need to protect it. Rivers need to be protected. We have to protect and care for the environment. Saint Kabir said, “Thwart evil designs of five sense enemies - lust, ego, ire, greed and attachment. Engage in good deeds, wait not. Fate is written according to deeds in past life – present life. Do not harm any, other will not attempt to harm. Charge the body and mind to heed own wisdom, intellect and conscience endowed by Lord.” I thank all for your gracious presence today and pray for the wellbeing of you and your families. Let us march onwards towards living healthy, happy, lovingly servicing, working hard selflessly, righteously with devotion.

Om, Amin, Amen, EkOnkar, Ahura Mazda.

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