August , 2020
Turiya Talks S4E6
13:41 pm

B.E. Bureau

The S4E6 of Turiya Talks was broadcasted live on YouTube, featuring social media influencer Shivali Oswal, dated August 13, 2020. The show was hosted by Tinanjali Dutta, a member of Turiya Communications. The topic of the discussion for the evening was “Fashion And Travel During The Pandemic Distress”. 

          Shivali Oswal spoke about the fashion and travel industry in a whole and the same during this Pandemic Crisis going on. She stated that just like other industries, the travel and fashion industries have been getting affected too, but now things are getting better, and just like other industries, fashion and travel industries are also adapting to the pandemic crisis situation, accepting it as the 'New Normal'. 

              She also talked about how fashion can keep someone engaged  in self-care, while sitting at home during this Pandemic.

             She doesn’t think wearing masks in public has affected the fashion of people or has impacted the fashion industry, as many companies have started making designer masks for their customers, which can become or has almost  become a new fashion trend around the world. 

             Adapting to hard situations, hardwork and patience- these are the factors she acknowledged to which are responsible for her success today.


            Link for TuriyaTalks S4E6 :

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