August , 2020
Turiya Talks S4E7
21:09 pm

B.E. Bureau


S4E7 of Turiya Talks was broadcasted live on YouTube. The show was hosted by Sandhya Sutodia, the co-founder of the Turiya Communications. They had Adam Pasha as their guest, who is known as the first drag queen from Bengaluru. Who has done a lot of stage shows, but got his immense popularity for appearing on the television show of BigBoss Kannada Season 6.

Adam, was asked questions about his sexuality, his career, and his perspectives on the matter of acceptance of transgenders by the Indian people.

He explained how he felt awkward for being looked upon by the  Indian people for  having a different gender or not typically looking like them. So he moved on to Bangkok where homosexuality and transsexuality are accepted by the society and are not looked down upon.

When asked about his bravery for dressing up like a woman being a man, he said he doesn’t feel like being brave, he just likes to wear what he prefers to wear, and that is normal, their is no need to be brave for being normal.

He thinks that for educating the public on transexuality and homosexuality, their must be more emphasis on sex education in the schools and other educational places.

When asked about being appointed as an ambassador of the Royal Lakshya Trust, by Manvendra Singh gohil, the prince on Piplia, he said it was a huge huge honour for him, as he is one of the first ones in the last 150years, who has been offered for a such a role.

When asked about if he had any inspiration in his life, he said he had none. He focused on himself and the betterment of himself, keeping only himself in mind and nobody else.He added he is very confident on how he looks and what he does and advised all the viewers for doing the same, for keeping faith in themselves, for their own benefit, and if the whole society starts doing that, the society will be benefitting as a whole.

Link for TuriyaTalks S4E7 :



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