September , 2020
Turiya Talks, Season 5, Episode 6 : Bridging the gap between the Doctors and Patients
21:32 pm

B.E. Bureau


“Medicine cures diseases, but only doctors can cure patients.” The guests of the 6th episode of TuriyaTalks Season 5 are Dr. Sanjog Kalra, Director of Complex Coronary Therapeutics and Dr. Rajiv Tayal, Director of the Structural Heart Program at St. Michael’s Medical Centre in Newark, New Jersey, accompanied by host Miss Sandhya Sutodia, the Co-founder of Turiya Communications. The topic of the episode was ‘How To Bridge The Gap Between Medicine & Patients’.

Both Dr. Kalra and Dr. Tayal started about their journey in medicine and how the relationship between the doctor and patient has changed down the years. Dr. Kalra said, “The fundamental basis of maintaining that relationship is trust, a degree of quality and communication. The best medicine care comes out of a relationship.” He also discussed patient-centred care so that the patients are informed and can easily make the decisions. On the other hand Dr. Tayal believed that the root cause of this divide is misunderstanding. He said, “Every sequential conversation you have, you gain a deeper level of understanding.”

The doctors shared their views on whether the medical fields have become a place to earn money rather than helping the people. Dr. Tayal  believed that Covid-19 situation had actually brought out a number of flaws in healthcare efficiency in India. At last, both Dr. Kalra and Dr. Tayal spoke about ways to fight the pandemic, not as an individual but as a society.

Link for TuriyaTalks S5E6 :


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