November , 2020
TuriyaTalks S6E1
19:29 pm

B.E. Bureau





‘Journey from an Engineer to the Star of the Odia Film Industry’


The Season 6 premiere of TuriyaTalks was graced by the likes of Mr. Sabyasachi Mishra, a renowned actor belonging to the Odia Film Industry and was hosted by Sandhya Sutodia, co-founder of Turiya Communications LLP. The episode was broadcasted on November 3rd 2020 where Mr. Mishra talked about his ‘Journey from an engineer to the star of Odia film industry.’


Sabyasachi Mishra spoke about how grateful he is for his extended family i.e. the audiencea s they're a major part of his success. He further added that there's no proper definition of success as it is very subjective but, in his opinion, happiness is the true measure of success.


He spoke about how technology has made him a better singer and narrated how he got an opportunity to be a playback singer. Mr. Sabyasachi also did us the honour of singing his favourite song live on our channel for our audience.


He advised people to be prepared and make the best of every opportunity. He also said tha it's his dream to act in every language and learn every language possible. 


The session came to an end with Mr. Mishra sharing how these 30 mins will be a memory that he will cherish for a lifetime. He went on to appreciate how Turiya Communications LLP is making the best of this pandemic using technology to work towards the betterment of people.


Link for TuriyaTalks S6E1:

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