September , 2020
TuriyaTalks, Season 5 Episode 10: YouTube As A Career
16:16 pm

B.E. Bureau


On the 10th episode of season 5 TuriyaTalks the guest was Indrani Biswas popularly known as Wonder Munna, who is one of the first and most popular female YouTuber from Bengal. In this episode she talked about her journey towards the world of YouTube and how the same platform can be taken as a career. The topic for the day was “YouTube As A Career” where Sandhya Sutodio, co-founder of Turiya Communications was the host.

On asking why she chose YouTube as a platform for her content and as a career, she shared the foremost reason was it was absolutely free to join and while watching others’ YouTube videos she realized that this can turn-up the next big thing as people hardly watch TV these days and they always stick to the online platforms. Also YouTube gave her a space to work on her own creativity. At first she really didn’t expect that she would get views on her videos, but when her channel gradually started growing, she started feeling encouraged.

She shared as she used to write 20 articles a day, her friends used to call her Wonder Woman and her nick name is Munna, that’s how the name of her channel originated.

She said “YouTube has a very bright future, it will keep growing as so many new creators are coming, not only in comedy but other genres like cooking, vlogging, educational are also there and Bengali content will boom”.

According to her it is important to have a social message in YouTube videos and she tries to do the same and shared how she felt so good when she came to know from her friend that she actually influenced them to help people through her videos.

Link for TuriyaTalks S5E10 :

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