September , 2020
TuriyaTalks Season 5, Episode 3: Inner Wear = Inner Peace
19:55 pm

B.E. Bureau

Turiya talks , in its season 5 episode 3 , had Swati Gautam ,the founder of India's only brand of fitted undergarments for women , NecessitySwatiGautam. The topic for today’s session was “Inner wear= Inner peace”. Swati shared her takes on the subject and answered all questions of the bulletin and those asked by the audience.

She stated how she was hit by the idea of launching her brand by sharing a story “I met a woman in seminar and she was a senior in the corporate world, there she asked me to make her a customised bra, as bras in the market don't suit her. She has to have them imported plus they aren’t cotton, so I made 3 types of bras for her and she loved them. She said “I want 8 bras of each category”. Then there swati knew that there is merit in this idea.

She quoted slowly that NECESSITY was born for “WE”. When she was asked about how she had the courage to start again for the 4th time she said “APNA ZARA SA BHI KUCH HO WO APNA HE HOTA HAI”.
According to her opinion the greatest brand in its initial stage is made through the word of mouth. The session concluded with her saying “We must become aware that our bodies are special, without our body the mind and soul has nothing to reside in. Take care of yourself and all will be fine”.

Link for TuriyaTalks S5E3 :


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