September , 2020
TuriyaTalks, Season 5, Episode 7: The Digital Passion Economy
21:36 pm

B.E. Bureau


"Nothing is as important as passion. No Matter what you do with your lives, be passionate". Aritra Sarkar was the guest of TuriyaTalks season 5 episode 7, who is  the founder of MeVero  app and has also worked for The Wall Street journal for two years in New York and has spent a decade with ABP group. He is also the owner of  Wedoria technologies. The topic of today’s session is “Digital Passion Economy”, with host Sandhya Sutodia, Co-founder of Turiya Communications.

Mr. Aritra started the session discussing about his journey and talking about MeVero Inc. and the role idea behind it. He said, "It helps you to discover what your true passion is in life". He shared about the challenges faced by him while launching his own start-up. According to him, the real success is how much has he grown in his life and progressed in career. He further elaborated on what Passion Economy actually is. "Passion economy is about making the world a better place to live around one’s inner passion", stated by Mr Aritra.

He talked about how Covid-19 has affected the print media houses. He discussed in details about his working with the ABP and the Wall Street Journal. He gave advices on how to market and sale products via social media platforms. He states, "Life has become easier with digitalization and one can earn revenue out of it and easily follow their passion".

At last he concluded by saying "Objectivity and knowledge needs to come up as important pillars, and thus passion acts as an incentive here".

Link for TuriyaTalks S5E7 :


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