May , 2021
Unlock education 2.0 using KLMN Swastik
14:20 pm

Dr. J. Komalalakshmi


Today humans are living in a fast, ever-growing world. There is a continuous explosion of information and every second there are new innovations taking place. It is evident that the whole world is marching with competitive spirit and consumption-oriented culture resulting in habitat destruction.


The duality of humans 


 1) Being successful in extending their life or survival due to science and technology and 


  2) being unsuccessful by making humans as extinct species due to polluting the ecosystem and human values in human being is inevitable


The broad spectrum of education based on visual learning through the KLMN Swastik gives a new educating paradigm to the minds of every student as follows. It can be enclosed with any curriculum.


KLMN is an acronym that stands for






M-Mind mapping


 N- NEW/NO Contributing


At first, the contributions are made known to students.


Next students learn the challenges faced by people for such contributions.


Next students are educated to take charge in changing the emotional reactions into sensible contributions by mind mapping the driving potential - Mentalligence.


At the end students are transformed as active contributors of our nation and the Universe.


The data science of man making education process includes the nurturing of habits using mind pedagogy. The emotional data includes bitterness and willingness from various inputs. KLMN Swastik teaches the child about knowing, learning and mind mapping.


The realization of duality outcome (bitterness/willingness) of every action and consequences of self/other people’s mind pedagogy is achieved by seeing the visual learning type educational model - KLMN Swastik.


Habit formation


  The KLMN Swastik model proposes that in the 46 set of chromosomes, one or more set must be dynamic. The hereditary traits are not carried in that dynamic set of pairs. It ensures such a dynamic pair as VEPDN - Volatile, Erasable, Programmable, Dynamic Nerve. That nerve creates the traits or habits of students. 


After the child gets affected from bitterness, then finding that nerve and giving clinical treatment can be avoided and prevented if the KLMN Swastik educational model is implemented in trait formation.


A consumer-oriented culture may cause bitterness in the minds of students. The model suggests that identifying the nerve and giving proper visionary supply of healthy inputs will help the student to take charge resulting in willingness creation of habits and it will help in self-transformation of moving out from unhealthy inputs to healthy inputs. At the end, the child is nurtured into a healthy visionary noble man preserving humanity and habitat. It brings out their inner divine potential energy.


 The mentalligence dealing about emotional data is defined as the ability to realise the intelligence of knowing varieties of choices, learning the choices, mind mapping the variety of choices for healthy, happy and peaceful living. The KLMN Swastik model enables the students to drop the no- contribution choice which disturbs them psychologically and physiologically and to re-select the new-contribution choice either by their intelligence or by their mentalligence or by using both for sustainable living.


The KLMN Swastik logo helps to supply visionary inputs namely mentalligence and intelligence and process those inputs by mind mapping with the contributions of our ancestors by taking charge as visionary leaders. The snake and ladder game board represents the willingness creating attitudes from the contributions of our ancestors. 


The positive character built upon values and ethics during school days and the positive attitudes built during higher education reforms students as a visionary man contributing to him, family, and nation and to the nature.


- The author is a teacher, educationist, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.



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