January , 2021
Vconnekt charitable trust is connecting the society
12:55 pm

N. Chandrasekaran

Vconnekt has been connecting doctors from various specialisations with the common public through numerous webinars right from the beginning of this pandemic time. It was the need of the hour as so many people had difficulties reaching out to the doctors for various health concerns. It also became a rich space for gaining knowledge on topics related to health and medication. Since it was an online connect it became easier for them to nreach out to more number of people from all over the country and also got some appreciations from the people living in US about the same.

Vconnekt initially started as a whatsapp group with four people casually, but later it turned out to be a great platform in connecting people for job and business opportunities. Though they didn’t have any particular purpose at the begining, for creating the group, they ended up developing a great network of around 250 people from various different fields in just few months of time. The group was named “Vconnekt” and was registed as a charitable trust .

The foundations of Vconnekt charitable trust are love, patience and hope and it currently consist of doctors and other people working in hospitals, engineers, entrepreneurs, insurance agents and so on. The group also helps in conducting health camps, collecting school fees, providing free medicines and arranging free surgeries for the needy people. So far they have reached more than 5000 people through their blood donation camps! They didn’t stop just with that but also they help students and career kick-starters by arranging internships programmes and generating leads for good opportunities. They also focus on creating awareness about cancer, Tuberculosis, AIDS and major critical ailments. They also pitch in when there are any affect caused by the natural calamities like flood, cyclone, earthquake etc.



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