November , 2019
Workshop on CSR and sustainable development
15:00 pm

B.E. Bureau

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged as a contributor to the various development processes inIndia. Recently, a two-day workshop on ‘Social Impact: the CSR andSDG Way’ was organised by Sustainable Advancements. The organisation is the exclusive regional partner in India and Bangladesh for the certification programmeon ‘Certified Assessor for Sustainable Organisations’. The workshop was endorsed by the African Excellence Forum.

International personalities like Alexander Herzner, CEO, UBB, and Dr. Christian Frostner, Founder,, trained the participants at the workshop. Dr. Nayan Mitra, Founder-Director of Sustainable Advancements, was also a part of this programme.

The workshop cum certification programme was aimed to enhance the productivity of the participants, who mostly hailed from the development sector. India has immense scope for the expansion of the development sector. Speaking on this, Christian Forstner mentioned, “That is why we want to enable Indian organisations and companies to engage in sustainability for the first time.”

Herzner added, “Creating benefits for the stakeholders, increasing reputation as a competitive advantage is the one hand; on the other hand, sustainable development goals offer a huge profit potential for new products or even new markets.”

Dr. Mitra, said, “The workshop is extremely timely and relevant. It is being organised at a time when the world is going through a transformation and India needs not only to be a key player but a leader in sustainability.”


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