October , 2020
World values day
17:48 pm

Dr. H. P. Kanoria

Be truthful empathetic sympathetic and respectful towards parents

A very warm welcome to everyone celebrating World Values Day.

We are all concerned with values and ethics as there has been a fall in values which has left all of us concerned about the existing systems of ethics and values. We are forgetting that we are the children of God and are divine and perfect. We are manifested in His image. Despite the divinity in us we are being overpowered by illusion, greed, jealousy, anger, hatred, ego, sensual desires, attachment, righteousness, action, fear, depression and stress.

Scriptures and saints continue to remind us of our divinity and perfection. We have to imbibe and remember the message of these enlightened people.

Jesus Christ said, “Do not do to others what you do not want to be done to you. Love God above all things. Love Thy neighbours as Thyself. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things will be added to you.”

Lord Buddha spoke of the eight-fold path, i.e., right understanding, thought, speech, action, livelihood, efforts, mindfulness and concentration.

Hinduism in Sanatana Dharma means eternal law. Its message is righteousness, love, service, austerity, simplicity, karma (work), and faith in self, faith in all and in God.

Work hard righteously, selflessly and fearlessly without an expectation of fruits as your Divine duty entrusted by God. The soul is immortal embodied in the mortal body.

Allah is unity. He likes unity. Refrain from all violence. Serve humanity.

Swami Vivekananda said, “We are the Children of God, the sharers of immortal bliss, divine and perfect; Come up, O Lions and Lioness and shake off the delusion. Your soul’s immortal, spirits free, blessed and eternal. Work for the welfare of living beings and nature.”

I would like to tell a story about taking care of and respecting parents which is worship of God.

The messenger of Lord Vishnu (God), Narad reported to him that his lover and devotee on the earth is Ghanshyam. God said, “No come with me.” God came to the earth and went to the house of a rich person named Vishambar. Narad called out to Vishambar that Lord Vishnu has come. Come and meet him. Vishambar said please wait as I am giving a bath to my parents. Half an hour passed away. Narad called again and said that Lord Vishnu and I are standing and now we shall go, so please come. Vishambar said I am serving food to my parents, please sit on the chairs and after feeding them I shall come. Lord Vishnu and Narad sat down on the chairs and after 20 minutes, Vishambar came running and fell down on the feet of Lord Vishnu. Lord forgive me, forgive me, I was serving my parents. Tears were rolling from his eyes in devotion and in love. Lord Vishnu blessed him by saying that Mother Laxmi and he (Lord Vishnu) will stay in his house forever. Serve your parents and humanity. Have values. Lord Vishnu told Narad he is my best devotee and lover. By serving parents, we please God and gain an abundance of riches and grace of God.

I would like to tell another story.

Centuries ago, kings used to organise Swayambar ceremonies (selection of groom) where the princess chose the groom. A number of selected princes used to be invited and the princess used to move around to find the perfect prince for herself to be her future husband.

A similar ceremony was organised by a king. Many princes were present. Out of curiosity, a young, handsome sanyasi (monk) had also come there. The princess roamed around the place and came near the sanyasi and tried to put the garland around his neck. The sanyasi said, “No, no! I am a sanyasi!” The king said, “You will get half my kingdom along with the princess in marriage and after my demise, you will be the king.” The sanyasi said, “No, no! I am a sanyasi! I do not want. I am a devotee and lover of God.” He went back to the forest. Finding value in him, the princess followed him. The king with his ministers also followed the princess. As the forest was known to the sanyasi, he remained hidden in the forest and the princess and the king lost themselves in the forest. Night had fallen and they were shivering from cold. The sanyasi came to them to ensure their safety. They sat under a tree. A bird was sitting on the tree with his family. The sanyasi collected wood from the forest and lit a fire. The male bird told hid female companion that all the three persons seemed to be hungry. I am falling in the fire, so that they can get some food to eat. The bird fell in the fire. The female bird thought about assuaging the hunger of the three people. They were shivering. So, she also fell inside the fire. Three baby birds thought that our parents have fallen into the fire to satisfy the hunger of three people, which will not be enough, so the three of them also fell into the fire.

Even animals and all animate beings are having compassion. Even the birds gave their lives to serve others. So, we all should serve humanity to the best of our abilities. The sanyasi had values. He was not moved by the beautiful princess or by the promise of half of the kingdom. The princess had values as she selected the sanyasi as her husband for having values and opted to live in the forest with him. The king had values as a father.

Sri Sri Paramhansa Ramakrishna said, “Service to humanity is worship of God.” This is a great value.

Let us have values in life. God will bestow us with Divine Grace.

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