April , 2022
Yogi Priyavrat Animesh- Yogi from Tapobhumi Haryana
12:24 pm

B.E. Bureau

Sanatan Dharma is a river perennial, with Yogis appearing in the flow from time to time to remind the importance of human life as instrumental in awakening and a mindful existence.
Yogi Priyavrat Animesh is the buzzing name among the youth of Haryana and Delhi , specially Sonipat, Panipat, Karnal and Kurukshetra.
While the soil of India has been rich with sages and saints with the saying  "Kan kan mei Shankar" ( Shiva in every particle ) ; Haryana holds the prominence with Kurukshetra being the place of propogation of Karma Yog by lord Krishna the Maha Yogi. Yogi Priyavrat hails from Haryana; trained under the respected spiritual teacher, self-realized revered guru Brahmaleen Dev Narayan Puri Ji, Yogi Priyavrat follows a spiritual path based on energy channelization.
To him Spiritual journey could vary from quest for life purpose , study of nature and it's phenomenon,   self discipline based evolutionary mechanism and higher forms of experience in allignment with yoga processes. Each journey is unique. One person's life is not comparable to others.  While role models and life stories of others could inspire but spiritual journey for each remains exclusive to the Sadhak or aspirant. The journey however invariably allows the aspirant to discover herself. This discovery is what allows the potential of the person be unfolded and grow and termed as " Siddhi".
The youth have been largely attracted to the energy balancing that Yogi talks about. In words of Yogi Priyavrat himself " Each human life is unique, we all come from different backgrounds and have different past and we bear different experiences through the life. This makes a set of vibration and energy accumulation in us, cleansing by chanting, by meditation, by yoga allows energy levels to rise in the system and allows better integration with universal energy also termed as universal consciousness." The whole system is a tantra where he elucidate that Tantra is most misunderstood of forms of continuity of universe. Infact Tantra is a science and formula which weaves continuity of energy and can allow sustained source of power within. Like all formulae the specifics are to be adhered to. 
He says all planets and nakshatra emanate energy and the energy dynamics related to existence of nature. This works for different aspects and allows both physical and spiritual fulfilment.
He further explains that the energy could be used for achieving physical benefits like business growth, position of power and influence , health etc , but a yogi uses this energy for oneness with the ultimate truth which is energy assimilation with universal consciousness. 
Yogi ji suggests that " Grahastha or people who are not following strict yogi life should still  attempt a journey in energy channelization and harmonisation as it's righteous and allows a performance that is in sync with the universe.
He says that students, business houses, busines tycoons, people in position of power could derive constructive energy with rituals prescribed by Guru parampara/ tradition.
He highlights also the importance of specific days in the calendar like navratri , mahashivratri etc when energy flow is unobstructed.
Overall for the youth the message is to create ones own path to walk upon with courage  under the guidance of an able Guru for a society that is mindful wakeful and spiritually tuned in on energy level..


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