January , 2020
Young politician making positive changes in Sikkim
11:48 am

B.E. Bureau

A nation’s youth is its driving force. But whenever youngsters are asked about their prospective career choice, seldom do they choose politics. Political veterans keep calling for millennials to join their political parties in public events but very few register under their youth wings.

However, there are exceptions. Aditya Tamang (Golay), the son of Sikkim’s Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang (Golay), is the youngest legislator in the State Legislative Assembly of Sikkim. He represents the Soreng Chakung constituency in west Sikkim. He is an enterprising legislator who has played an active role in turning his constituency into an ecotourism destination in Sikkim. He capitalised on the strengths and potentials of his constituency which is rich in natural beauty and picturesque landscaping, having a vibrant cultural heritage, historical sites and ample scope for adventure tourism.

The Sikkim government under Prem Singh Tamang’s political party, Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) has brought radical changes and developments in the state. Aditya Tamang (Golay) has decided to start the Sikkim Red Panda Festival 2020 in his constituency as an initiative to create awareness among the youth to take up village and community tourism as a sustainable source of income and also to improve the rural economy. As a politician, Aditya Golay has been the youngest person to be appointed as the Chairman of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) for Sikkim. He is also involved in addressing issues related to unemployment, in formulating government policies relating to digital infrastructure, in financial planning and in promoting digitisation among others.


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